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Описание 10 светодиодов управляются фоторезистором

Код программы:

PhotoCell and LEDs created by ScottC on 23rd May 2011


//PhotoResistor Pin (photoRPin)
//the analog pin the photoresistor is connected to
int photoRPin = 0;  
void setup() {
  for (int i=4; i<14; i++){
    pinMode(i, OUTPUT); //sets the led pins 4 to 13 to output

void loop(){
 //Ensure to turn off ALL LEDs before continuing
 for (int i=4; i<14; i++){
    digitalWrite(i, LOW);
 /* Read the light Level
     Adjust the value 120 to 600 to span 4 to 13
     The values 120 and 600 may need to be widened to suit
     the minimum and maximum light levels being read by the
     Analog pin */
 int lightLevel = map(analogRead(photoRPin), 120, 600, 4, 13);
// Make sure the value is between 4 and 13, to turn on an LED
 int ledON = constrain(lightLevel, 4, 13);
//Blink the LED on
 blink(ledON, 10,1);

// The blink function - used to turn the LEDs on and off
void blink(int LEDPin, int onTime, int offTime){
  // Turn the LED on                                         
    digitalWrite(LEDPin, HIGH);  
  // Delay so that you can see the LED go On.
  // Turn the LED Off                                         
     digitalWrite(LEDPin, LOW);  
 // Delay so that you can see the LED go On.

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